Artificial Intelligence Is the Future That Needs Attention in the Present

When There’s a Problem, AI Has a Quick and Efficient Solution to It

Ido Fishman about Artificial Intelligence

“If humans weren’t program to make things convenient, they wouldn’t invest in the first place. AI is a way of inventing intelligent solutions to the problems and implementing them effectively without human intervention.”

Artificial intelligence is like humans creating more humans without the natural reproductive process. You create a machine and attempt to give it the intelligence that a human mind possesses. In other words, you want this machine to think for itself, find solutions to the problems it comes head to head with, and gain experience from solving those problems to learn new ways to solve the same problem.

The Potential of AI Is Unlimited

There is no limit to how much you can achieve with AI. The more problems you have, the more solutions you can come up with. More importantly, AI-driven solutions are efficient, recurring, and ready for improvement. With AI solutions, you can create a program or a machine that solves the problem and by solving the problem, it learns to solve it in many ways on its own. Human intervention has to be at a minimum when AI is used for solving problems.

AI for Every Industry

Ido Fishman says, “The thing about AI is that it is not limited to a particular sector or industry. Can humans do anything? If humans can do anything, AI can do anything too because it’s just a reflection of humans that keeps getting better with time.” AI can work for any industry, including but not limited to domestic and household solutions, IT, medical, healthcare, logistics, data mining, etc.

The best example of AI is in the automotive industry where it is helping people own driverless cars. These cars drive on the roads without drivers and can take decisions on their own. Whether there is a person behind the wheel or not does not matter when a fully developed AI software is controlling every aspect of the car and driving.

AI Adoption Needs Awareness

Whether you own a company, are a programmer, or just an individual who is interested in the concept of artificial intelligence, you need motivation to get started with this technology. You can’t really feel the need to know more about it unless you feel there is utility and value for you in it. A lot of people use artificially intelligent softwares, applications, and programs every single day but they are not aware of it. This lack of awareness keeps people from knowing the true potential of AI.

A smartphone camera that an average user holds today has AI-driven and AI-based camera system on it. The camera does not require any physical parts and elements to perform a lot of different functionalities. For example, the AI-powered camera on your phone can turn your picture into a portrait by automatically identifying the background and blurring it to keep the focus on you.

The Spark for Tech Needs to Be on Both Sides

Ido Fishman believes that the spark of learning about and implementing it in our daily lives must come from both sides. Scientists and researchers experimenting to develop and improve the technology in their isolated chambers will not spark any interest in the public, which is the real beneficiary of this technology. “That’s exactly the reason I teach people about artificial intelligence and urge them to know more about this technology and start from somewhere to build their own AI tools and programs,” says Ido Fishman.

Ido Fishman also thinks that people who do not realize the value of NFTs have not truly understood the other technologies that are emerging today to change the future. “If you look at the metaverse and its concept, you can instantly connect the dots and figure out how NFTs could be big in the metaverse. You could as well hold your own art exhibition in the metaverse and sell the NFTs you own for millions of dollars or millions of units of some cryptocurrency,” says Ido Fishman.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Capable Of?

To try and fathom the possibilities that artificial intelligence can bring in our lives is only limited to imagination. With time, it’s only going to get better and more powerful. Here are some changes that people can expect in their lives due to artificial intelligence.

Flexible Solutions

With AI, companies can offer flexible solutions to their customers regardless of the industry and sector. An AI engine can take care of web hosting resource requests from websites and offer a cloud-based hosting solution without human involvement. The AI knows how to take a request, what factors to consider before processing the request, how many resources to allocate, and for how long to keep them allocated.

Faster and More Efficient Customer Dealing

This is one of the biggest achievements for AI and it has already started to take shape. Customers visiting healthcare centers, driving institutions, hospitals, etc. will not have to stand in queues when they have AI-based customer support behind the counters. A front-end AI-based receptionist can issue a token to a patient in the clinic, forward their medical history to the doctor, and call the patient when it’s their turn.

Automating Mundane Tasks

You might not have noticed but when programs and tools perform your mundane tasks automatically, they are doing that because of AI. The simplest example would be the night mode on your smartphone that turns off the always-on display from one point to another point in time, saving you battery for the morning. Another day-to-day implementation of AI for automation is the suggestions that you get on YouTube and other platforms while watching a video.

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