Astronaut Gloves to Get Real-Time Support from AI System

Ido Fishman has recently shared the latest piece of information he has acquired surrounding NASA and major tech companies. According to him, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft are currently in coordination with scientists at NASA. The reason behind their collaboration is to work on the development of an artificial intelligence system. Once the particular system is developed, it will be used to carry out inspections of the astronauts in outer space.

In space, even a small malfunction can lead to a huge disaster, which is why the environment in space is considered very unforgiving. Among all the issues that the astronauts have the possibility to face, equipment failures have the highest tendency.

Out of all the equipment that the astronauts put on, the gloves are the ones used for all kinds of tasks. They play a huge role even when carrying out maintenance and repairs for the space satellites. This is the reason why the gloves end up wearing out the most during space missions.

Current Inspection Process of Space Gloves

At present, when the astronauts face any issues with their gloves, they are required to take pictures of the affected gloves. Then they have to send the pictures to earth at NASA where the analysts have to manually examine the pictures of the gloves to identify the problem.

For now, this process is considered very efficient because it involves astronauts being 250 miles or closer to the earth. However, this process will no longer be effective when people go to the moon or farther planets such as Mars.

How the Scientists are preparing for Future Problems?

To solve the problem, the scientists and researchers at HPE, Microsoft, and NASA have combined their forces to come up with a new AI system. The scientists and researchers at these companies will be using the power of Spaceborne Computer-2, which is the creation of HPE.

Once developed, the particular AI system will accompany the astronauts and if the astronauts face any issues with the gloves, the system will inspect the gloves in real-time. This way, the astronauts will be able to identify problems with their gloves and fix them before they become a problem.