Ido Fishman Offers His Explanation on What Is Artificial Intelligence

Humanity evolved and continues to evolve till this day but the evolution began when humans started to think and thinking my friend is called ‘intelligence”. According to Ido Fishman humans have been riding on the road of continuous evolution. The journey will end when people stop thinking, stop addressing and resolving the issues and stop learning from their experiences. However, that is not going to happen ever says Ido Fishman, however, what has happened in the meantime is that the intelligence too has evolved significantly. The evolution of intelligence has given birth to the concept of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

What Is This AI & What Is The Purpose?

Ido Fishman offers an explanation of AI in the words that AI is a process which involves engineering and science working together for the manufacturing of intelligent programs and software based on an intelligent machine like an advance computer etc. The purpose of AI is to provide for modern technologies having an impact of new generation technologies. Furthermore, AI based technologies in the shape of computer based softwares and apps are used to simulate our intelligence by interacting with us environmentally.

One such example of AI is the face recognition software. Airports, tunnels, government authorities, private and non-private organizations as well as banks have all across the world are utilizing face recognition apps/software. Why because what humans cannot judge even by staring at an object for hours yet the face recognition app can do it in less than a second. For instance there is a terrorist wanted by a country but he is absconding. The terrorist then decides to leave the country by completely changing his overall look and disguise. So if the terrorist would go to the airport, nobody would be able to recognize him in his disguise. However, face recognition app is capable of identifying the face of a person last seen even 20 years ago.

Now that the concept of AI has been made clear, we still believe that AI requires more explanation, at least for the sake of this writing piece.

Historical Background of AI

The concept of AI has not emerged any recently as it was there even before 1950s when a group of people were carrying out research on the subject. However, it was in 1956 when the concept of AI was surfaced first time in the world. In its early days, the researchers were focusing on the problem solution factor and methods with regard to the AI. The subject of AI gained enormous popularity when in 1960 US Government showed its great interest in the technology through its Defense Department.

When the concept was taken over by the US, they immediately started working on the technology. First and foremost they integrated the technology in the computers and proceeded onto to educate computers how to mimic humans, their ways, behaviors, environment and reasoning. The first AI based project that emerged from the US was the project of 1970 relating to mapping of streets which was issued by US’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The concept of AI was quickly grasped even by the Hollywood and films were made showcasing robots mimicking humans. Even the robots as well as AI based machines were shown taking over the world and waging war over humans, like the one in the famous movies series of “Terminator”.

Future of AI

In the words of Ido Fishman, we (humans) have just started working in the direction of AI. Still there is a long way to go by humans in determine further and improved use cases of this technology called IA. However, there is no doubt that AI is the technology of the future and its collaboration with blockchain technology would be an atomic bomb, says Ido Fishman.

The technology of AI has evolved a great deal as a result of which now the computers are being able to pull off tasks which were usually executed by humans only. There are cars such as Tesla which are pure products of AI’s evolution and can function like any normal car without any human interaction for functionality.


In the end, as per Ido Fishman, a fantastic future of great mutual cooperation lies ahead of humans if they make good use of AI. We have all the related material on the subject of AI and its future which you can access at your convenience.