Disadvantages That World Would Face Due to Artificial Intelligence

If only 100 years back, someone said there would be robots and machines doing things on their own, people would have considered the person to be insane. Today, if someone claims the same, people would consider it common and an old claim. This is because today, such machines and robots have been invented, and they are working through automation where artificial intelligence plays the best role.

According to Ido Fishman, artificial intelligence technology will continue advancing and become common throughout the globe. Although people are only looking at the positive side of AI adoption, it also has its negative side. Therefore, Ido Fishman has laid out some of the negative sides of AI that the world may have to face in the long run.​

Very High Costs

Over time, the technology has been growing vast and the AI technology is ahead of the rest. Still, behind every AI creation, there is very high-powered and strong computation power that doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, if the AI ends up taking over the entire technology sector, everything will have its price surged by several multipliers.

Humans will Grow Lazy

Even now, the AI sector has made things very easy and convenient for human beings. There are so many daily chores that human has started depending upon machines and AI robots that they used to do all by themselves in the past. As AI technology grows more common and advanced, humans will become extremely lazy because robots and AI technology will make everything convenient for human beings.


There was a time when every factor and industry used human labor because they had no alternative for that. With time, machines were introduced and now, they are growing smarter and cost-efficient for companies. As AI technology continues advancing, machines and robots will become more advanced and self-dependent.

If that happens, then the companies will start bringing in AI machines. As the companies start bringing in machines with strong computational power and the ability to perform all human tasks, manual labor will start getting reduced.

If you want to know more about artificial intelligence and its update, Ido Fishman will definitely have something new for you when you come back.