Sectors that May Gain Tremendously by Adopting Artificial Intelligence

From the beginning of the current century, the advancements in the technological sector have skyrocketed. There have been technological advancements that almost every sector has adopted. However, artificial technology is still not very common in the industries and sectors.

For now, you won’t witness artificial intelligence technology being adopted by agriculture and many other sectors. However, there are industries that are currently adopting artificial intelligence technology and are benefitting at a tremendous level.

Ido Fishman, who has been monitoring the worldwide adoption and growth of AI technology has talked about the sectors that are heavily invested in AI.

Customer Support Sector

In the past, the companies weren’t aware of the different strategies and tactics they could adopt to make their services and products better. As the companies realized the importance of customer feedback, they wanted to connect with them on a higher level.

In the 21st century, the customer support sector has grown tremendously and it is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors. However, most companies are not able to maintain high customer support standards due to unprofessional and inexperienced support individuals. The sector is also proving to be very costly for companies from around the world.

Therefore, to deal with issues such as quality, high costs, and human errors, the customer support sector is investing heavily in automation. Companies are now shifting to automated (AI) IVRs, chatbots, and email bots, which respond to customers based on their query selection. Although the AI adoption may prove expensive and time-consuming in the beginning, the investments will pay off in the long run.

Healthcare Sector

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are now adopting AI technology for purposes such as treatments, clinical diagnosis, as well as remote patient monitoring.

Business Forecasts

The business sector has been using artificial technology in order to generate future estimations and forecasts. Businesses are learning to add different factors into the system that can help them predict their sales and revenues in the future.

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