Artificial intelligence is not a matter of science fiction. brings you the best guides and news from the world of artificial intelligence. AI is the emerging technology despite the fact that researchers have been working on it for more than half a century. In the modern world, its implications have become clearer and people now understand the changes it could bring into their lives. From someone sleeping in their bed to the astronauts who are being launched to explore Mars, artificial intelligence will affect and improve the life of everyone in the coming times.

This website is dedicated to bringing you the hottest trends and news from all around the world in the niche of artificial intelligence. What are scientists doing to improve patient stays in hospitals? How can we automate our entire lives? Can robots be our assistants or even life companions? How can you develop your own AI solution to solve a problem that has been bugging you for years? All of that is here for you to discover when you land on the website. The best thing is that our guides come straight from Ido Fishman.

Ido Fishman is closely associated with artificial intelligence and just about any technology for that matter. He explains how people can improve their lives with artificial intelligence. He also likes to talk about the latest trends and the scope of the technology in the lives of everyone.

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